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  1. Our deliveries and offers are solely based on the herein described terms and conditions.
  2. Any prices and offers are without obligation.
  3. The customer will be bound to his order for 6 weeks. Orders need to be confirmed in written by the seller. If the seller does not reject the order within 4 weeks from placement, confirmation will be valid.
  4. Additional agreements, changes and supplements will only be valid on written consent. The same applies to the assurance of properties.
  5. We do not rent equipment. Orders for testing or inspection will not be fullfilled.
  6. All prices listed are net-prices without applicable sales tax to be payed by the customer. Cost of shipment will be charged to the customer.
  7. The seller will make every effort to keep to the promised delivery date. Delivery dates will only be binding after written affirmation. In case of delivery date exceedance the maximum length of the customer-set period of grace will be limited to 6 weeks, starting at receiving time of setting the period of grace at the seller. After exceeding this time the customer is free to cancel the contract. Compensation for damages based on exceeding delivery dates or not delivering at all is excluded.
  8. All risks of shipment and ownership are transferred to the customer at the time of handing over the merchandise to the express agent respectively at the time when the merchandise leaves the sellers premises. In case of customer caused shipment delays risk transfer will take place at the time of shipment ready status. The seller bears the right to insure shipments in the customers name and expense.

    1. Any equipment / accessory is second-hand, fully functioning and shop-tested with warranty, if not stated otherwise. The warranty will expire immediately on modifying the part or damaging our seals.
    2. Spare and wear parts are not subject to any warranties. Problems caused by misuse are not covered by any warranty. We will not guarantee equipment usage for certain intended usage.
    3. Time for complaints is restricted to -8- days from shipment reception.
    4. We reserve the right to err in item description. The rights to change prices and to prior sales are reserved. An operating manual (or a copy thereof) will be packed with every item sold, if available. Service manuals (or copies thereof) can be obtained at an extra fee, if available.
    5. The sale will not necessarily contain every single spare part and / or accessory usually belonging to new merchandise.

  9. We are to be notified immediately in case of shipment damages. In addition the customer has to file a written shipment damage report with the express agent. Customer-to-seller-contact is mandatory before reconsignment, which must be prepaid by the customer.

    1. All merchandise will be seller's property until complete payment. The customer will have no rights whatsoever on merchandise until complete payment has been made.
    2. In case of third-party-access, especially by marshal / bailiff, the customer is advised on the seller's rights and has to notify the seller immediately. Expenses will be borne by the customer. In case of customer behaviour contrary to contract, especially late payment, the seller is entitled to repossess the merchandise at customer's expense. Merchandise repossession or garnishment by the seller will not implicate contract cancellation as long as the installment plan act is not in force.
    3. Shipments will only be made c.o.d. or on advance payment.
    4. We will charge 3.5% if payment is made by credit card on total shipment value including shipping, handling and sales tax (if applicable).

  10. Place of fulfillment is Schiffdorf, 27619 Germany. Insofar the customer is a commercial registered merchant, an artificial person governed by public law or federal government special assets, possible business disputes may be settled before district court in Langen, 27607 Germany, or Stade, 21669 Germany. Same applies if the customer residence is unknown at the time of accusation.
  11. The remaining statements shall be in effect should any one ore several of the above statements in time become obsolete. Any obsolete statement is to be replaced by a valid one, which will allow the pursuance of the originally intended economical purpose as much as possible.
  12. Please observe the applicable laws / safety regulations when operating electrical or electronic devices.
  13. Please observe the fact that some equipment sold by us is subject to export restrictions into certain countries.