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HTB Elektronik – Will also support you in difficult situations

Do the limits of your measurement equipment restrict you ? - We can help !

Our team is ready to support you with suitable measurement equipment - at your location – or at the location of your customer.

You have defective equipment and you need it repaired ? – We are happy to help !

HTB Elektronik has many years of experience regarding the repair of measurement equipment. With the aid of complex software and sufficient lab equipment, we are ready and specialized to repair down to the component level. This makes our repair service cost effective.

Following is a list of instruments for which we have specific experience:

Keysight /Agilent / Hewlett Packard Spectrum Analyzer: 8560A, 8561B, 8562A, 8563A, 8560E, 8560EC, 8561E, 8561EC, 8562E, 8562EC, 8563E, 8563EC, 8564E, 8564EC, 8565E, 8565EC, 8594E, 8595E, 8596E, 8592A, 8592B, 8592D, 8592L, etc.

Keysight / Agilent / Hewlett Packard Synthesized Sweeper Display Replacement: 83620A, 83622A, 83623A, 83624A, 83630A, 83640A, 83650A, 83620B, 83622B, 83623B, 83624B, 83630B, 83640B, 83650B, 83623L, 83630L, 83640L, 83650L

IFR / Marconi Communication Test Set: 2955, 2955A, 2955B

Rohde&Schwarz Mechanical Replacement of Attenuators: FSP, FSU, FSV, FSMR, RSM, RSS, ZVM

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