Model 83731B
Group of Equipment Generator, Signal
Manufacturer Agilent / Hewlett Packard
Description The HP 83731B Synthesized Signal Generator is the recommended local oscillator for the HP 8970B noise figure meter. Use these signal source with the HP 83550 serie millimeter-wave modules to generate signals to 110GHz. Due to the versatile of modulation possibilities, these unit also takes place in radar technique.


Frequency range: 1 to 20GHz

Resolution: 1kHz

RF Output: -110dBm to 13dBm

Resolution: 0,01dB

Modulation possibility: AM, FM, Puls

1E1 (110dB Step attenuator)
1E2 (High performance modulation generator)
1E5 (High stability timebase)

Condition Used
Price Euro 7000 €
Price Dollar 9450 US $
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