Model 53310A
Group of Equipment Analyzer, Modulation
Manufacturer Agilent / Hewlett Packard
Description The HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer offers powerful analyzer features e.g. the main and window timebase. These allow data capture while viewing measurement details in the window. Furthermore it is possible to distinguish between auto-, edge- or measurement value triggering. The representation is choosable between histrogram or display vs time. Moreover a single button can set up the analyzer for measurement. Settings are selected by automatic signal evaluation.


Frequency Measurements:
Channel A: 10Hz to 200MHz
Channel B: 10Hz to 100MHz

Time Interval Measurements:
+Time Interval:
Range: +20ns to +1s
+/- Time Interval:
Range: -0,5s to +0,5s

Channels A and B
20mV rms sinewave to 100MHz (25mV rms for frequencies at channel A from 100MHz to 200MHz)
Minimum Pulse width:
5ns at 60mV peak-to-peak (2,5ns at 75mV peak-to-peak for frequencies at channel A >50MHz)
Dynamic Range (AC):
Peak-to-peak from 60mV to 5V
Signal Operating Range (DC):
+/- 10V (1MOhm), +/- 5V (50Ohm)

Test Limit Output,
Frequency Standard Input,
Frequency Standard Output

Condition Used
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Price Dollar 1134 US $
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