Model 3324A
Group of Equipment Generator, Function
Manufacturer Agilent / Hewlett Packard
Description The HP 3324A combine the frequency stability of a synthesizer with the feature set of the function generator. This device has a versatile sweep modes that are phase continuous over the full frequency range.


Sine: 1mHz to 21MHz
Square: 1mHz to 11MHz
Triangle: 1mHz to 11kHz
Ramp: 1mHz to 11kHz

Frequency Resolution:
1mHz below 1MHz
0,1Hz above 1MHz

Lin, Log, Discrete, VCO: int

Output Level: 1mV to 10V

Resolution: 4 Digits

001 (High Stability Frequency Reference)

Condition Used
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Price Dollar 409.05 US $
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