Model 99B
Group of Equipment Oscilloscope, Digital
Manufacturer Fluke
Description The Fluke 99B ScopeMeter combines a 2 channel 100MHz DSO and 3 2/3 digit multimeter in a battery-operated meter. The scope performs reliably, even in wet and dirty environments.The following is an excerpt of the features: Oscilloscope cursor readings, continuous autoset, 40 measurement functions, multimeter display with full width waveform, screen memory, setup memory, waveform math & filter, PC-interface.


Scope Mode:

AC-Coupled: <10Hz direct, <1Hz with PM 8918 10:1 Probe
Coupling: AC, DC, GND
Rise Time: <3,5ns
Sensitivity: 1mV to 100V/div, to 1kV/div with PM 8918 10:1 Probe
Modes: A, -A, B, -B, A+B, A-B, A=x, B=y
Vertical Resolution: 8Bit (256 Levels)
Range: 5ns to 60s/div
Modes: Recurrent, Single Shot, Glitch Capture, Scope Record, Roll
Max. Sample Rate: 5GS/s, 25MS/s for single shot

Meter Mode:

DC Voltage: 300mV to 3KV (with PM 8918 10:1 Probe)
AC or AC +DC True RMS Voltage: 300mV to 2,5kV (with PM 8918 10:1 Probe)
Resistance Ranges: 30; 300; 3k, 30k, 300k, 3M, 30MOhm
Additional Measurement Functions: Temperature, Frequency, Speed of Rotation and Diode Test.

Accessories included:

2 each PM 8918 / 10:1 Probe
1 each 80T-150U Temperature Probe to 150C
1 each Charger/Power Supply
1 each Hard Carrying Case
Various Adapter / Clips

Data sheet on request

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