Model 5800
Group of Equipment Avionics
Manufacturer North Atlantic
Description The North Atlantic NA 5800 is a multifunction instrument that combines a Synchro / Resolver Simulator (SIM) and Angle Position Receiver (RECV) in a single rack enclosure.

The Angle Position Receiver section consists of: Signal input section, Reference input section, Synchro / Resolver-to-Digital converter and Data Bus interface.

The 5800 can simulate synchro and resolver signals for numerous applications. The Synchro / Resolver Simulator consists of: Reference input section, Quadrant selection, SIN / COS lookup ROMS, angle MDACs, power amplifiers, Scott-T transformer and Line-to-Line / Output circuits.


Synchro / Resolver Receiver:

Signal Input:
Line-to-Line Voltage: 9,5 to 100Vrms
Impedance: 100kOhm, Minimum
Frequency: 400Hz

Reference Input:
Voltage: 5 to 150Vrms
Current: 1mA
Frequency: 360 to 1000Hz
Resolution: 0,01
Angular Range: 0,00 to 359,99

Angle Position Simulator:

Signal Output:
Configuration: Synchro or Resolver
Line-to-Line Voltage: 11,8Vrms, 26Vrms, or 90Vrms
Frequency: 400Hz

Reference Input:
Voltage: 26V oder 115V
Frequency: 400Hz
Resolution: 0,01

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