Model 8904A
Group of Equipment Generator, Signal
Manufacturer Agilent / Hewlett Packard
Description The HP 8904A Multifunction Synthesizer generates accurate sinewaves from 0Hz to 600kHz with 0,1Hz resolution. The generator also has five other standard functions: square, triangle and ramp from 0Hz to 50kHz plus DC and Gaussian white noise. All waveform values in this unit are digitally calculated in real time. Full HP-IB programmability is also included.


Frequency range:
sinewaves from 0Hz to 600kHz;
square, triangle and ramp from 0Hz to 50kHz

Resolution: 0,1Hz

Accuracy: +/- 50ppm

AC amplitude (sinus): 0 to 10V p-p into a 50Ohm load

DC amplitude: 0 to +/-10V p-p open circuit

Condition Used
Price Euro 420 €
Price Dollar 567 US $
Units in Stock 1
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