Model VM-7
Group of Equipment Calibrator
Manufacturer Weinschel
Description The Weinschel VM7 Attenuator and Signal Calibrator is a 30MHz receiver intended to be used in those applications where the precise measurement of RF power ratios is required over a wide dynamic range. One typical application of this single-channel device is the measurement of insertion loss by two-port RF microwave devices, such as filter, attenuators and switches.


Frequency range: 30MHz, +/- 2MHz

Sensitivity: -110dBm (wideband), -127dBm (narrowband)

Dynamic range: 110dB (wideband), -127dB (narrowband)

Selectable resolution: 0,1; 0,01; 0,001

0 to -10dBm +/- 0,005dB;
-10 to -100dB +/- 0,01dB;
-100 to -110dB +/- 0,02dB;
-110 to -120dB +/- 0,08dB

Condition Used
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